The Downtown Medford Association (DMA) was formed by a group of concerned business and community members in 2018. Our purpose is to oversee the rejuvenation of Medford’s downtown core – the heart of our community. 

Downtowns are important because they represent the heart and soul of a community. A healthy, vibrant downtown is an indicator of the economic and community condition of the city and the county, which in turn contributes to its overall growth, economic potential and perception. Downtown Medford is our place to gather and build community, create a sense of place and pride, and celebrate our historic character. At the heart of our downtown’s success is its ability to offer residents, visitors, and employees a safe, welcoming, and vibrant environment. A successful downtown is essential to attracting businesses and talent, while supporting existing businesses.

DMA exists to provide inspired leadership and advocacy for Downtown Medford. DMA is using the nationally recognized Main Street Program approach which is centered around a Transformation Strategy focusing on the Four Point Approach to bring strategy to life. The Four Point Approach is the basis of our revitalization effort. This is a practical and comprehensive model capitalizing on Downtown’s unique assets. The Main Street Program® was implemented nationally in 1980 to revitalize downtowns across America. Thanks to the Main Street Program®, Downtown Medford Association has a board of directors and four committees based on the Main Street® model.

Please see the following graphic that highlights the description, responsibilities, short-term goals, and contacts for each of our four committees.

If you are interested in making your downtown great and want to be involved please contact us or the chair of the committee you are interested in.


 We are looking for individuals who are merchants, property owners, business owners or residents of downtown Medford to help us build a BLOCK CAPTAIN program and begin the transformation.

 It’s simple. 

CONNECT with your neighbor 

SHARE about street closures, event & beautification projects 

ENGAGE with DMA* committee members 

Would you invest 60 minutes to improve your city? Commitment for 4-months?

Please connect with David Curran to learn more.

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