Each month the Organization Committee selects a deserving recipient to receive this award.


In 2013, Dan’s wife Heather bought a yarn shop and moved it to Downtown Medford.  Dan registered ShopDowntown.org to help market her business and our neighboring businesses, as well.  He created a directory of downtown pages on the domain so there is a web page for every downtown in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.  This brings in approximately 750,000 web users per year to the domain.

Downtown businesses want to cooperatively market “Shop Downtown” to consumers, and we hope to be the platform that every downtown business can rely on to get the message out to the public.  Dan started the Shop Downtown Discount Card program in Medford to give further incentives to consumers to “Shop Downtown.”  

In 2022, Dan began volunteering his time for the Downtown Medford Association by helping on the Organization Committee.  Dan saw the need to replace the plastic discount card and created the ShopDowntown.org Mobile App and piloted the app into Downtown Medford, Oregon, and West Allis, Wisconsin, with the intention of launching the app nationwide.


Jared is owner of Kingsley Entertainment, which presents #BuskMedford, a new artist-driven music project that has been featured on Third Fridays in Downtown Medford. #BuskMedford stations multiple artists of a wide variety strumming or singing on various blocks or street corners performing for you while you stroll through our beautiful Downtown Medford and visit our local businesses. 

For Jared “It all starts with music.” Founded in 2018, Kingsley Entertainment is Davidson’s expression of his passion for music, presentation, and performance. 

Thanks to Jared for making Downtown Medford’s Third Fridays successful!!!

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