This committee serves to create a cohesive sense of place and an inclusive downtown by improving the physical image and design of the downtown core while driving economic development via beautification efforts reflective of the historic character and community feel.

Main St. Program Design Webinars – Part 1 and Part 2

Identify and implement a program for needed public improvement to enhance walkability and ambiance.

Educate merchants about good design elements and make changes.

Create minimum event and design standards.

Motivate property owners and businesses through incentives.

Committee Job Description

The Design Committee’s purpose is to create an attractive, coordinated and quality image of the downtown by capitalizing on its unique assets and should be involved in all aspects of design that have an impact on the overall image of the district.  The committee members (and recruitment for) should be of qualified professionals — either by profession or volunteer interest and experience — to supervise its projects, such as architects, landscapers, interior designers, graphic artists, sign painters, contractors, historic commission representatives, artists, and citizens interested in good design.  It might also include a district property owner and the city’s building inspector.

Committee Chairs & Board Liaison

The Organization Committee is comprised of board members and community members and downtown merchants/building owners interested in the growth and revitalization of downtown Medford.

Role Needed


Role Needed


Role Needed

Executive Committee Liaison

We are always looking for more community leaders and new approaches to effectively complete our work.  If you want to get involved or would like more information, apply here or send us an email at [email protected]