Like Southern Oregon weather, it can be predictable, but bring a winter jacket if you’re outside in the middle of June. I mention this as when Renatta joined us to lead DMA, we did not know the extent of how the pandemic would be changing our downtown community. With Renatta leading DMA through these uncharted waters, we grew our ability to be a resource and partner to our downtown members.

Here are a few successes that I would like to highlight that DMA was able to achieve over the last couple of years with Renatta as our Executive Director:

  • Significant investment (75k+) from the private sector as founding partners of DMA 
  • Regional branding with the city and Travel Medford to benefit the brand of downtown
  • Relationships with partners to establish expanded needs of housing (Laz Ayala, Fortify Holdings) and public safety (Medford Police) in downtown 

This doesn’t reflect the expansion of public art, events, and most importantly, getting opportunities for DMA to be a part of future investment in downtown. Renatta’s passion for our downtown remains and continues even as she grows her journey both professionally and personally.

DMA is in transition to a full-time regular position for our next Executive Director and filling that position. In the meantime, at our June Board meeting, the board appointed Annie Jenkins as our interim Executive Director. Her willingness to step into this role is a benefit to DMA as she has a long standing in our southern Oregon region and her heart for downtown is vital. Prior to her resigning from our board, Annie has been instrumental in guiding DMA as well as working closely with Renatta. Her investment in this transition will continue DMA’s achievements and growth.

Thank you, Renatta. You will always be a part of DMA and our community. Annie, thank you for your commitment and we look forward to DMA’s next level of growing the vibrancy of downtown. 


EJ McManus, Board President

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