This committee serves to strengthen our community’s existing economic base, while also helping to expand and diversify it. By helping existing core businesses expand, and help recruit new businesses in our everchanging local market, our program helps direct activity related to commercial and real estate development, so we can increase the number of successful businesses and improve the appeal of our downtown. ​

Strengthen existing businesses and attract new ones.

Increase communication with downtown property owners.

Develop financial incentives for business development and building improvements.

Identify new viable uses for vacant buildings.

Committee Job Description

The Economic Vitality Committee works to develop a market strategy for the district that will result in an improved retail mix; a stronger tax base; increased investor confidence; and a strong, stable role for the district as a major component of the district’s economic health.

Specialized Expertise

The Economic Vitality Committee’s responsibilities are complex and the Board should identify initial tasks that do not require specialized expertise, such as collecting data on district buildings for a retail recruitment program or reviewing and summarizing existing market information.

Economic Development

This Committee should connect with public and private sector groups in the district already active in economic development, such as local development companies, development authorities and city planning and development agencies.

Committee Chairs & Liaison​

The Economic Vitality Committee is comprised of board members and community members and downtown merchants/building owners interested in the growth and revitalization of downtown Medford.

Marta Tarantsey

Economic Vitality Chair

Lisa Stanton


We are always looking for more community leaders and new approaches to effectively complete our work.  If you want to get involved or would like more information, apply here or send us an email at [email protected]