Historic Site
A self-guided tour of downtown historic sites.

The self-guided walking tour highlights 21 of our most significant buildings, each with a story to tell about Medford’s past and the people that helped make it. Since 1883, when the first canvas tent went up in anticipation of the coming railroad line, downtown has been the focus of our community.

There are two tour options: The “Long Tour” follows Mains Street to the Jackson County Courthouse. At a leisurely pace, it takes about an hour. A “Short Tour” option, including sites along North Central Avenue, should take about half that time or you can easily combine the tours and visit all 21 sites. Our entire downtown is flat for easy walking but if you wish, there are plenty of places to stop and relax, have lunch, or just browse along most of the route. 

Have fun walking around our downtown. We hope this guide helps you appreciate Medford’s history. It’s a past we’re both proud of and pleased to present.

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