“As a kid, I always wanted to try martial arts. When I was eight years old, my parents signed me up for an introductory class and I just kept training ever since,” said Riley Hackett, owner of Champion Karate (formerly Chip Wright’s Champion Karate).

“Chip Wright was my main instructor from the start. When I was 19 years old, Chip asked me if I would ever be interested in buying the business. The next day he showed me how to mop the floor. Over the next six years, I worked into the business, learning one aspect after another. After Covid, we gave it some time, and I eventually bought the business in June of 2022,” said Riley, who is now 26 years old.

Chip retired to Boise, but still comes back about one week a month to teach classes and for testing boards.

Classes are offered for young children, teens, and adults, with some great awareness and defense classes for women. See their website championkaratemedford.com for a complete schedule of classes.

Riley lived above the studio for five years before buying a house elsewhere in Medford.  He likes having a business in Downtown Medford. “It has good exposure for business, and I like having people around,” said Riley.

Champion Karate joined DMA in 2022. “I have lived here my whole life. If you want something to become better, rather than complain, become a participant. I love the flower baskets and the Christmas lights that DMA does.

I would like to see DMA be more involved in helping schools in the area and in improving Downtown Medford. I think changing the limits for on-street parking would also be a big help. One hour is not long enough to park and take a class,” said Riley 

More information is available on the Champion Karate website and on Facebook and Instagram.

Champion Karate is located at 427 East Main. Their phone number is 541-944-9234

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