Downtown Medford Association is thrilled to announce Richard Barney as one of the recipients of the prestigious Oregon Main Street “Excellence on Main” Standout Volunteers of the Year award. 

The recognition was presented during the annual Main Street conference on October 4th in Independence. This esteemed accolade honors outstanding accomplishments, activities, and individuals making a remarkable difference in historic downtowns and traditional commercial neighborhoods across the state. 

Richard Barney has played a pivotal role in the creation and success of Downtown Medford Association since its inception in 2018. His exceptional dedication and fundraising prowess were instrumental in the successful completion of the Founding Partners Campaign, which raised an impressive $85,000 within three years. 

Among Richard’s many other accomplishments, he organized the highly successful Bikes n Brews event, which attracted 139 riders and generated approximately $6,000 in proceeds for the Downtown Medford Association. Even in the face of the challenging pandemic, Richard’s determination and unwavering commitment allowed him to successfully hold the first annual Bikes n Brews event in October 2022 during the Heart of the Rogue Festival. With the highly successful second annual Bikes n Brews event on October 13 and 14, Richard’s remarkable fundraising abilities and resolute spirit continue to be highly regarded by the community.

Recognizing the importance of acknowledging exceptional contributions, Richard also initiated the monthly Downtown Merchant Recognition award, a platform to honor and appreciate businesses for their invaluable contributions to the downtown area. He led the Organization/Outreach Committee for the last four years and developed a Partnership Program where anyone can support downtown being a Friend of Downtown for $60 a year or a Partner for $180 a year or volunteering. 

Annie Jenkins, Interim Executive Director for the Downtown Medford Association, expressed the organization’s joy in honoring Richard Barney, stating, “Downtown Medford Association is excited to honor Richard Barney for his dedication and passion to enhance Downtown Medford. To be able to honor Richard with this award was incredibly wonderful, and something the board of directors could not be more pleased about.”

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