“We should do a pizza concept. If we do, it has to be New York.” That is how Mike Goergen recalls the conversation with his brother Eric when they decided to go into pizza. 

Imagine eating your way through New York in search of the perfect pizza. That is exactly what Mike and Eric did until they came up with a recipe they liked. According to Mike, New York Pizza has a thin, crisp crust and you can fold it in your hand. 

They are very picky about the flours and cheeses that they use to create what they had at their favorite New York spots. Their toppings range from just cheese (a “regular slice” in NY jargon) to sausage, sausage and vegetables, to their most requested special – pepperoni, jalapenos, and hot honey. 

Ollie’s started with a food truck parked in front of Mike’s coffee shop (one of several Royal Coffee Roasting stores he owns) on Fridays and Saturdays on Airport Way. They have remodeled the space at 149 S Central, leaning heavily on Eric’s construction expertise, and are ready to open in early December. 

They are excited about their new Downtown Medford brick and mortar location. “It used to be a pizza shop. The location is the epitome of a ‘New York Slice Shop.’ We have had lots of positive feedback of public excitement in Medford. We are excited to be in Downtown,” said Mike.

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