Pacific Power has been a DMA Partner since March 2023. While they don’t have a business office on Main Street, they are very important to and supportive of Downtown Medford. 

Pacific Power wants Medford to be a strong, thriving community. Pacific Power’s goal is to get power to the community as safely, reliably, and inexpensively as they can.  In addition to providing power, they invest in our community in other ways.  They financially support events, programs, and non-profit organizations. The Pacific Power Foundation provides grants for non-profits, recently to Spartan Boxing, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, the Salvation Army, Rogue Community Health Pediatrics, and Asante – to name a few. 

Cooper Whitman is Pacific Power’s Regional Business Manager. Cooper has been involved in economic development and community building for his entire career and is very committed to helping Medford be a vibrant and thriving community. He serves on the DMA board and several other local boards.

Cooper sees downtown as the lifeblood of the community and says that anything he can do to help DMA will pay huge dividends. He says, “the most important thing DMA can do in the near future is to get more support from downtown businesses. Nothing is more important to a downtown association than getting the buy-in support and power of downtown business owners. DMA is doing a great job of this, but it will take time for people to realize what DMA does and how important they are.”

DMA thanks Pacific Power for being a valuable partner.

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