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What is an empanada you ask?  An empanada is a baked pastry shaped like a turnover. Once the dough is made then it’s stuffed with many different kinds of fillings. Caba Empanadas excel at their filling quality and choices.   There are sweet, salty, and savory choices.

Caba Empanadas is a delightful place to have a meal or for takeout. It is located on Central Avenue and 8th near the library.  They also have a food truck that goes to the Growers Market on Tuesdays in Ashland and Thursdays in Medford.   After you order some empanadas and some sides of Chimichurri sauce to go, you can buy some local fresh produce, and take it all home for an easy gourmet meal.

I recommend if you are having a lunch meeting at work, to order these empanadas to impress your clients or coworkers.  They are a great ice breaker.  Buy a variety, cut them in half, and let people pick and choose.  It is like having an adult cookie exchange.  Everyone shares about their favorite and why…and everyone is happy.

My favorite is the bacon, goat cheese, and date.  Sweet, salty, and savory all in one package.  So far everyone I met says it is their favorite, too.  Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!

There are two kinds of chicken, and both are excellent.  Make sure to dip these in the Chimichurri sauce.  Malbec beef is a tasty, tender meat choice. Other crowd pleasers are Caprese, Onion & Cheese, and Spinach & Cheese, all cheesy-riffic!!!  There are also Ham & Cheese, Chorizo, and BBQ for the meat lovers.  There’s even a vegan choice on the menu. 

Remember to use the Chimichurri sauce on your “pies.”  What is that you ask again?  I call it Portuguese Pesto.  Instead of basil it is made with parsley.  It is good on a salad too.

Speaking of salads, they do carry enticing salads to supplement the empanadas or to eat on their own.  They also have a few different sandwiches, and all of them are made with tasty ingredients.

Last, but not least, they serve barista made coffees and dessert empanadas, including Dulce de leche and Nutella & banana filled, and also Alfajores, which are Argentine cookies filled with Dulce de leche.

Bon appétit!

137 Central Avenue


Open Monday – Friday 11am – 5pm, Saturday noon-6pm

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