DMA hosted a successful event in November that raised over $26K to support the feasibility of establishing an Economic Improvement District (EID) in downtown Medford. The gathering unfolded at The Other Easy, drawing in more than 30 community leaders, businesses, and property owners. This resounding success forms a pivotal part of DMA’s strategic commitment, in collaboration with other key partners, to champion the community’s vision for a thriving downtown.

An EID is a public-private partnership in which property and business owners work together financially for maintenance, development and promotion or projects without creating additional tax burdens.

“This accomplishment,” Annie Jenkins, the DMA’s interim executive director, said “marks a significant step towards a collaborative vision of downtown Medford.” The community support we’ve garnered in this endeavor will undoubtedly propel us towards substantial economic development. This, in turn, will bolster property values and pave the way for a more vibrant and economically thriving downtown for years to come.

We are energized by this achievement and look forward to channeling this momentum into the next year as we set our goals to support downtown. “The success of this event is not merely a milestone; it’s a testament to the collective determination to elevate downtown Medford into a hub of economic vitality and inclusion”, Laz Ayala, developer. 

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