“It will be different from anything else in the valley. It will be something only experienced when you travel to Mexico,” said Hector Maceda of Kahlo Exotic Grill. Hector is a partner, along with Carlos Nunez and Jesus Nunez, in the restaurant they are opening at 44 S Central in the former BricktownE location. 

Their menu will feature many unusual Mexican appetizers, soups, and meat and seafood dishes, along with some unusual tacos. Some examples are Catch of the Day Ceviche, Green Shrimp Aguachile, Aztec Soup, Flamed Beefsteak with Mezcal, Revolutionary Tacos with beefsteak and chorizo, and Gringa de Pastor Tacos with pork roasted with pineapple like you get on the streets in Mexico. They will have a breakfast menu that is both usual and unusual, and their bar will serve a variety of drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – including, of course, Margaritas.

Kahlo anticipates opening mid-February and will be open Monday through Sunday from 7am – 9pm, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. They plan to cater to people of all ages, including families with children. 

The partners are currently working on remodeling the space and creating a vintage décor with lots of portraits of Frida Kahlo. 

When asked why they chose the particular location for their restaurant, Hector replied, “It’s right on the corner of two main streets with lots of people going by and it’s near RCC.”

You can find Kahlo on Instagram, Facebook, and tiktok.

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