Resolve moved their offices to downtown in June. Their new location in the Park Place Building at 201 W Main Street, Suite 3A, is close to the courthouse – a definite plus – as three fourths of their staff do mediation and dispute resolution through the courts. They plan new signage soon to raise awareness of their presence downtown. 

Resolve is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been serving southern Oregon communities since 1990, helping people manage conflict through mediation, restoring harmed relationships and communities through dialogue and mentorship, and advancing peace through education and training.

Some examples of their work include mediating between landlords and tenants to help prevent evictions and mediating between parties in small claims cases, both of which help the parties involved and lessen the load on our local court system. 

Resolve Staff Members: Sarah Heigel, Executive Director Talia Trout, Zoe La Terreur, Tiff Ortamond, MaKayla Boscia,
Kon Damas, Cheryl Edstrom

They also work in restorative justice to “repair harm.” They help in the schools with altercations between students and between staff and students and work with Jackson County Community Justice with young adults who have caused low level crimes. They also work with Golden Rule ReEntry, another nonprofit, that helps people just released from prison do restorative practices and find productive ways of life. 

Talia Trout is the new Executive Director of Resolve, having been in that position for about one month. She formerly worked for Untied Way and Maslow Project.

Talia says, “Downtown is a fun place to be. There is a lot going on and staff can walk to the courthouse. Staff can safely walk around town, and there are lots of options for food.” She also loves the new bike lanes and seeing people using them. 

Resolve’s website is full of information.

Their phone number is 541-770-2468 

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