“I wanted an attractive office in an attractive building and I knew other tenants in the building – and the building has a conference room where I can do workshops,” said Melissa Shreeve about her choice to locate her new office in the Goldy Building at 107 East Main Street.

Shreeve Insurance works in Medicare and health planning. They connect people with Medicare supplements, Medicare advantage plans, prescription drug plans, dental plans, hospital indemnity plans, and cancer plans.

Mellissa started her career in insurance in 2004, working for a small company. After taking a break to work as Executive Director of the Sutherlin area Chamber of Commerce in 2018, Melissa got back into insurance, meeting her clients in their homes and other locations. As her business grew, she saw the need to have an office – thus the move to the Goldy Building last fall. The Shreeve Insurance website includes the multitude of community organizations and projects the business supports and DMA was thrilled so many near and dear to our heart on the list.

Melissa likes being downtown. “Most people know where Main Street is and I feel like I am in the middle of the community,” said Melissa. She has joined DMA, wants to focus on the positive, and looks forward to participating in Third Fridays. 

The Shreeve Insurance Facebook is a great page to follow for workshops and “find us at…” posts – we look forward to saying hi to Melissa at Pear Blossom Street Fair after seeing that on there. 

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