By Contributing Writer Krista Walker,

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Namaste means “greetings to you” in Hindi.  Visit the new Namaste Indian restaurant on Central (near Main) and find out why this is a true statement.  The wait staff is very gracious and attentive.  I truly believed they cared about what I thought about the food and if I needed anything more. In the new world order of things, having a staff that cares is truly a wonderful feeling.  The atmosphere is very laid back, so don’t worry that you didn’t put on your Sunday best – and it is kid friendly.

Like many Indian food places, they have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. I recommend this to anyone who has never tried Indian food and/or is leery about what to order.  The buffet has a lot of the basic food choices so you can get a feel for what you like and have more of that dish if you wish…and as you probably already know, all-you-can-eat means you won’t leave hungry.  The place would be great for a hungry person to go, and get in, get full, and get out fast…but with healthier choices than fast food, and at probably the same cost.

Indian food can be spicy, but you get the choice on spice levels, so if you want mild, you can order that level and taste the flavor without the heat.  Of course, if you like spice – then fire it up and clear out your nose and throat.  The cuisine has a lot of vegetables so you probably can get most of your daily 5 in one meal. Flavor and health in one meal is a good combo, especially after the holidays. I love veggies so eating here is not a punishment!

I recommend the Aloo Gobi; they did a fine job preparing it by mixing the right amount of spice with just the right amount of crispness for the cauliflower and potato dish. Always order the Naan.  It is an Indian wood fired flatbread.  I can eat a whole basket myself, but it’s January so I had to restrain myself and share.

My companion had the Chicken Tikka Masala which is always a good choice for someone branching out and trying Indian for the first time.  Rice accompanies most dishes and absorbs the sauces.  There are some standard stand-alone sauces that are good for putting on rice or Naan.  You can try them out if you do the buffet and see if you like them.

Biryani is the Indian version of fried rice and there are several different types and you can’t go wrong with it being one of your dishes.  Tandoori is Indian for BBQ, but not as saucy, as the flavor is cooked into the meat.

If you want your friends to think you are adventurous, weird, and crazy, try the goat.  It is actually really good. 

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