By Contributing Writer David Wilkerson, ORW Architecture and DMA Board Member

Nestled inside the historic Woolworth Building in Downtown Medford, lies a hidden gem that beckons locals and visitors alike with its warm hospitality and delicious fare. The quaint Luncheonette Gourmet Take-Away, a mostly take-out breakfast and lunch spot, provides locally sourced gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads, and treats. 

 Despite its unassuming appearance, Luncheonette boasts a menu that packs a punch. From classic staples like hearty sandwiches to more adventurous offerings like artisanal salads and gourmet soups, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Locally sourced ingredients take center stage, infusing each dish with the rich flavors of the Pacific Northwest.  The steak sandwich with Rogue Creamery bleu mayo on a grilled baguette is the centerpiece of the menu and a customer favorite. 

My own personal favorite is the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which fairly oozes with gourmet cheese from its perfectly grilled bread.  Other times, the home-made soups hit the spot, with a variety of offerings including beet, lentil, vegetable, mushroom and many more.  Each dish comes with fresh-made kettle chips that are packed with flavor. And if you have a sweet tooth, Alicia makes a variety of sweets, including a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie that is not to be missed. 

Another thing that sets Luncheonette apart is its warmth and hospitality. The owner, Alicia Dawn, greets each guest with a warm smile and a genuine interest in their day, fostering a sense of camaraderie that keeps people coming back time and time again. Alicia’s vision for the Luncheonette shows through not just in the menu offerings and her commitment to quality ingredients, but also in her efforts to feed “hangry” students. 

Alicia Dawn

 For those seeking a taste of downtown charm and culinary delight, Luncheonette in Downtown Medford is a must-visit destination. With its quaint size, mouthwatering menu, and genuine sense of hospitality, it embodies everything that makes this corner of Downtown Medford so special. So next time you’re hungry for a quick but delicious bite, be sure to stop by and experience the magic for yourself.

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