Rebecca Pietila has headed up MPD’s Community Engagement Division since June. The Livability Team is in her division. 

Rebecca gave us an update on what MPD is doing in Downtown Medford at our November Power Hour. 

She said that calls to MPD are still trending down, implying that safety is trending up. She said that as of December 1, the Livability Team will be fully staffed with eight sworn officers, two full-time CSOs, and one part-time CSO.

Two officers, Patrick Read, and RJ Josephson, are present in downtown Monday – Thursday, from 6am – 8pm and the rest of the time the Livability Team members are available. You can contact Patrick Read at 541.232.6237 and RJ Josephson at 541.292.6041 with any issues you might be having like people sleeping in doorways, trespassing, and vandalism. “They would love to talk to you and hear about your issues,” said Rebecca. 

You can also contact the Livability Team at [email protected], call MPD at 541.770.4783 with non-emergency issues, and call 911 for any emergency you might have. 

Also, did you know?

  • The City has new rules regarding camping, for example, no camping within 500 feet from schools, playgrounds, and daycare facilities and no camping within 50 Feet from the bank of Bear Creek.
  • Some benches have been removed on Bartlett Street because they were not being used by students or businesses.
  • You can sign a No Trespassing Agreement with MPD, which allows MPD to take action on your property at any time.
  • Lighting is a big help in keeping your area safe, and cameras are even better.


Kelly Madding, Deputy City Manager provided us with the visuals she prepared regarding parking in downtown, focusing on parking for people living in downtown residential units.

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