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DMA Partners with Travel Medford To Promote Downtown Brick & Mortar Businesses

for The Heart of the Rogue Festival

Produced by Travel Medford, The Heart of the Rogue Festival is where the Rogue Valley community of artists, musicians, makers, and growers come together in downtown Medford for a vibrant, two-day celebration. DMA is partnering with Travel Medford to include all participating downtown businesses in the Heart of the Rogues Festival promotions and marketing opportunities. Each participating business will be listed and any special discounts or promotions will be included with the festival’s marketing effort.


DMA’s mission is to intentionally activate as many downtown businesses, so they can benefit from the festival by promoting their business, increasing traffic, and generating revenue and future customers.

Take advantage of thousands of people in the downtown corridor

 October 14 – 15, 2022

By participating and remaining open before, during, and after the festival, we will be collectively ensuring that the festival benefits the local community while supporting DMA’s mission.


If you’re a downtown brick-and-mortar wand would like to offer a Heart of the Rogue festival goer incentive to visit your business during the weekend, we would love to support you by providing all festival attendees your offers via signage,  QR codes, social media support and more.


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